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Professor Gizmo, New Orleans, 1983. [Photo: Michael P. Smith]

a/k/a:  Professor Gizmo; Giz

Band member:  1977–78

Instruments:  Bass trombone, rotary-valve tuba, bass drum, cymbals, tambourine, gizmos

Albums:  Streets of Gold, First Recordings

Subsequent gigs:  David Krakauer, Andy Narell, The Gonnifs, California Klezmer, American Heritage Jazz Band, Margot Leverett, Choro Time

Profile:  Street-savvy one-man band Professor Gizmo infused The Klezmorim with goofy humor and a decadent neo-vaudevillian aesthetic. He also introduced us to fellow street player Brian Wishnefsky, who became our beloved trumpeter for six years. Gizmo graduated from salsa band Mirasol and retro-plunkers The Cheap Suit Serenaders to join us. When he left The Klezmorim, it took two musicians and a percussionist to replace him.