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Lev Liberman wails on alto sax. [Photo: Somebody in Germany]

a/k/a:  Boots; The Supreme Jazz-Baby; Zar-Gon, Evil Prince of Klezmer

Co-founder (with David Skuse) of The Klezmorim:  1975

Band member:  1975–88 & 2004–present

Other functions:  Manager/publicist 1975–78; musical researcher/transcriber/arranger/composer 1975-2004; album co-producer/art director/liner notes 1976-1986; webmaster 1996-present; bandleader 2004–present

Instruments:  Eb alto sax, Bb soprano sax, C-melody sax, Marxophone, tarogato, flute, frula, pennywhistle, panpipe, siren, woodblock, tupan, baraban, dumbek, tambourine, spoons, random vocals

Albums:  East Side Wedding, Streets of Gold, First Recordings 1976-78, Great Hudson River Revival, Metropolis, Notes from Underground, Jazz-Babies of the Ukraine

Good ink:  «Sax delirium!»  — VSD, Paris, France
«Lev Liberman plays saxophone with a haunting tenderness that will send shivers up your spine and bring tears to your eye.»  — Newsday, New York
«Among the most accomplished reed players I have ever heard.»  — CityLife, Phoenix, Arizona
«The audiences were enthralled... swaying to the sax's Oriental airs like snakes hypnotized by a fakir's horn.»  — The Herald, Hyde Park, Illinois

Other musical gigs:  Scored 19th-century Russian play Diary of a Scoundrel for Berkeley Repertory Theatre and ACT Seattle. Scored and co-authored radio drama Martians from Mercury. Scored dance-dramas 1944 and Bellyfire. Created scores and soundscapes for independent films, interactive media, and TV/radio commercials. As legendary klezmer guru, created the course "Klezmer Music: From Underground to Outer Edge" at Portland State University, Oregon, USA.

Has also performed or recorded with:  Andrew Cronshaw, Yankl Falk, Di Naye Kapelye, Sandra Layman, Juke Joint Johnny & The Hot Links, Klezmocracy, j. poet, Adrianne Greenbaum, Doug Haning Ensemble, Tim DuRoche, Sinners Club, Columbia Classic, Gramophone Moses, Cherry Blossom Hot Five, Rhythm Wreckers, and the 9-piece horn/rhythm supergroup Lung Tung.

Current gig:  Liberman's tempestuous romance with alto and soprano saxophones blazes hotter than ever.

Future plans:  Lev dreams of sacrificing a rubber chicken, waking The Klezmorim from its enchanted sleep, and leading the shambling golem out on its 'leventy-billionth tour. Utopian vision? Nightmare? Both.

Backstory:  As voice actor, Lev has portrayed quirky characters — including cult faves Pigma Dengar and Captain Nimbus — in videogames, films, commercials, and immersive exhibits. As creative director or word czar, Lev drove information design, content, and usability at a few West Coast interactive media boutiques. As an ad copywriter, Lev produced award-winning posters, commercials, and public-service messages. Earlier in life he labored as a graphic artist and nonfiction book editor. Best job of all? Greek restaurant salad maker/kebab griller.

Email:  kontakt Lev Liberman