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Album titles we rejected:
Moxie  •  Streets of Gold  •  Freilachs and Holiday Songs of the Jewish Immigrants

Dedication that didn't make it into the liner notes:
"Dedicated to our grandparents, who had the good sense to leave Russia."

Sentence that Chris Strachwitz blue-penciled out of the liner notes:
"The simplistic, schmaltzy stuff which passes today for Jewish music is little more than a ghost of the real thing; what Hitler didn't obliterate in the Old World got nose-jobbed to death in the New."

Tunes we recorded that didn't make it onto the album:
Elek Veled, Halok Veled  •  Kecskebeka Felmaszott a Fuzfara  •  Mayn Rue Plats  •  Baym Rebns Sude  •  Ikh Bin a Boarder Bay Mayn Vayb  •  Lomir Freylekh Zayn (Tarras)  •  Arcanul  •  Hopak/Kucheryava Katyerina  •  Nyet Nyet Nikavo/T'raneinu Sefosai

Who the album was almost credited to:
Laurie Chastain & The Klezmorim