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Among the best of U.S. klezmer revivalists... the recording that arguably sparked the idiom's entire rediscovery.
            — John Storm Roberts, Original Music

High-spirited... zestful sounds... Hard dues and proud roots, romance and even a little ecstasy. They're all in the music of these klezmorim of the New World who have somehow found a passage back to the Old.
            — Nat Hentoff, The Nation

From the first moment, the listener is pulled in... high-spirited... beautiful, introspective... raucous... stunning.
            — Henry Sapoznik, Sing Out!

Rousing... lively... joyous... a total grasp of style... It's enough to make the listener drunk without the aid of a single glass of wine.
            — Stereo Review

Quite listenable and varied... excellent.
            — Il Mucchio Selvaggio, the rock magazine, Rome, Italy

They play with abandon... The music has a crazy swirl and warm lightness... zest and clarity.
            — The Victory Music Folk & Jazz Review

The music is marked by unexpected twists and emphatic accentuations... varied, often enchanting combinations of tone color... lovely... frisky... exciting rhythms.
            — Audio

This disc of a young, Berkeley-based folk band represents a conceptual, if not a musical breakthrough... The Klezmorim represent the new breed of ethnic ensemble... Chris Strachwitz has done us a service by placing this new venture in the Arhoolie catalogue of contemporary American musics.
            — Mark Slobin, Ethnomusicology

No major recognizable faults... A fine mix of laments, drunken dances, tender ballads, songs of hope and... Yiddish nonsense choruses that are about halfway between a Swiss yodel and the ecstatic babblings of an idiot.
            — Folkscene