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Not to be missed... wonderful.
            — Pulse!

They're all great players; this stuff swings with the best of the legendary big bands.
            — CMJ New Music Report

Surrealists, rejoice, for here's a beauty... fraught with zest, hilarity, smarts, and good schmaltz... beggars' tunes, paeans, marches, vaudevilles... cartoon music, mariachi, jazz, the kitchen sink... wonderfully daft... a merry exotic carousel ride... keen, sparkling arrangements. * * * * [Four stars!]
            — Downbeat

The horn arrangements are downright dizzying.
            — Seth Rogovoy, The Essential Klezmer

A clear evolutionary step toward Jazz-Babies of the Ukraine and a precursor to later modern klezmer groups like the Klezmatics, Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band, and New Orleans Klezmer Allstars. The excellent incarnation recorded here includes... experienced jazz players who bump the general musicianship of the group up considerably... brilliant.
            — musicHound WORLD

Jubilant, gutsy, triumphant, complex, diverse. Klezmorim delivers all of it flawlessly, at times presumptuously, with a laughing clarinet line or raunchy horn riff. If you like the music from old cartoons, you'll probably love this... my roommate says it "makes her nervous."
            — The Victory Music Folk & Jazz Review