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Albuquerque Journal, New Mexico:  « Their music sounds like a mixture of Dixieland jazz, Gypsy rhapsodies and Star Wars cantina arpeggios. A bumptious, wild stew of musical complexity. »

Pasadena Star-News:  « Upbeat, fast-moving... unique and raucous... David Julian Gray and Lev Liberman solo spectacularly on clarinets and saxophones... the pace never slackens. »

New York Daily News:  « One of the hottest groups on the college concert circuit. »

Leviathan, University of Southern California:  « Spine-tingling... mischievous... furiously-paced... The Klezmorim gave their all to a responsive, handclapping audience that called them back for two encores... the amazing cooperative spirit is what really makes the band take off... The Klezmorim are a joy to see and a joy to hear. »

Scepter, Kingsborough College:  « Instrumental virtuosity... meticulously executed... The band's ensemble playing was a pleasure to watch, each of the Klezmorim looking at the others, trading off wailing and laughing horn sounds. The players' faces reflected an honest passion for the music... the encore showcased the band at white heat. »

Charlotte Observer, North Carolina:  « From the minute they bounded on stage like coiled springs to the end when a standing ovation brought them back for an encore, The Klezmorim (that be-bopping Yiddish folk band) never stopped tantalizing the audience with its joyous, effervescent music; music as rich as chicken fat and tangy as freshly ground horseradish. »

Jewish World, Long Island, New York:  « The Klezmorim, klezmer music's top brass, recently took the audience by storm at Joe Papp's Public Theater. In a better world, one in which ethnic music had commercial clout, pop stars undoubtedly would have been born that evening. Show biz reality being what it is, we must be satisfied that this swinging Berkeley sextet will continue to entertainingly rescue an almost lost musical form, opening many ears in the process... The horn-dominated Klezmorim have been the most visible and prolific of the new generation of klezmer players... consummate entertainers who bring the klezmer style to life. »

Express, Berkeley, California:  « Accomplished musicians who have turned their preoccupations with Jewish folk music and jazz into a kind of Chassidic be-bop... they look sort of like shul reefer salesmen... They were a gas. »

Chicago Magazine:  « The Klezmorim have evolved into an exciting group with a devoted but diverse following... the music is marvelously improvisational, filled with wry comments, overstated pronunciamentos, and brash explosions, but equally capable of conveying delicate feelings. »

Albuquerque Tribune, New Mexico:  « Rousing... perfection... A packed house cheered, took to the dance floor and called for more. »

KPFA Folio, Berkeley, California:  « The finest brass band in the land... the finest group of musicians now extant. »

Times Record, Troy, New York:  « This lost art is a real find. »      1983 press >>

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