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Liberation, Paris, France:  « They deserve a medal, those unclassifiable Klezmorim... They're a kind of hurricane, a giddy maze of musical notes... a band of schoolboy pranksters. »

Schwäbisches Tagblatt/Tübinger Chronik, Tübingen, Germany:  « Astonishing instrumental control by six musicians whose sound evokes marching street bands from the heyday of New Orleans jazz: stomp, swing, and surprisingly supple, shimmering improvisations... The concert ended with a growl worthy of the Ellington Jungle Band. Three encores were not enough. »

California Magazine:  « Imagine Tsar Nicholas II's house band as led by Spike Jones, with lunatic choreography and a sublime fusion of Ellington, Hungarian rhapsodies and early ragtime... A band by any other name should only play as sweet. »

Le Matin, Paris, France:  « Yiddish folk music in a jazz sauce — an astonishing cocktail of sounds. »

Los Angeles Times, California:  « Roaring, full speed ahead... The Klezmorim: They snap, crackle, and pop! The rousing ensemble work crackled with interactive energy. »

Contra Costa Times, California:  « The Klezmorim can sound like anything from a marching band to an entire orchestra... they'll dive into a swooping, mad-Gypsy tune, tightly played and relentlessly driven forward by the percussion. It's a wild ride... a rich musical experience one shouldn't miss. »

Seattle Times, Washington:  « A fast-moving, surreal cabaret revue... Vaudeville meets the Twilight Zone. »

L. A. Weekly, California:  « Startlingly fine... wonderfully gifted musicians. »

Drama-Logue, Hollywood, California:  « A unique group of artists who create strange, unusual melodic sounds... they are merely amazing... a sensation. »

San Diego Union, California:  « Such hyper energy that they sometimes seem about to spin out of control... You can't find a better recipe for musical mayhem. »

Daily Californian, Berkeley:  « A barrel full of musical monkeys... raucous, witty, and energetic... Where The Klezmorim are concerned, too much ain't enough... these guys brought the house down. »

The Reader, San Diego, California:  « Imagine... a smoky cabaret in 1920s Berlin; add a touch of Oriental sensuality... The Klezmorim's music is irresistably entertaining. It is witty, raucous, sardonic, and extremely well played. The ensemble is tight and crisp and filled with waggish energy. »

Bay Guardian, San Francisco, California:  « Described as indescribable, the nationally acclaimed Berkeley band Klezmorim offers a mix of music hall comedy, cartoon music and surrealistic images... a show that hovers on the edge of an after-hours jam session. »

Hollywood Reporter:  « Want some summer fun? Drop in for an evening with The Klezmorim... Something of a cult musical group since the mid-'70s... a six-man horn ensemble that uniquely blends the energy of New Orleans jazz with the virtuosity of a classical chamber group... Suddenly we're in Bulgaria (why not?) and the group is rocking along with a sort of Bulgarian boogie... That's part of the zany charm of The Klezmorim. »

Evening Outlook, Los Angeles, California:  « Maximum pleasure! The happiest, liveliest, most joy-infusing ensemble you'll ever hear... rousing, foot-tapping, hand-clapping, bouncy music served up by consummate musicians... smooth jazz riffs, mournful swirls, plaintive wails, punctuating yips... sensational... rousing... passionate... soul-stirring... top-notch... an exhilarating performance of music that wafts you out of the theater on wings of jubilation. »     1986 press >>

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