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VSD, Paris, France:  « Sax delirium! The Klezmorim, famed FM-radio cult heroes (and bastard offspring of jazz and central European Jewish music), sound like a blend of Woody Allen, Duke Ellington, and Hellzapoppin'. Discover them! »

Le Matin, Paris, France:  « A skillful, explosive cocktail of Dixieland jazz and klezmer music... The Klezmorim move unceasingly onstage, clashing in friendly tournaments of simultaneous improvisation... They swing. »

San Francisco Chronicle:  « Thick and hot, spicy and slow as long-simmered gumbo. »

Folk Roots, UK:  « When I say the music is fast, I mean it is very, very fast. They must surely play more notes per minute than any other band, making rock 'n' roll appear positively snail-like in comparison... By the third encore, even the doormen have forgotten the late hour and are jigging in the aisles. »     1988 press >>

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