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Did the klezmer revival begin on the East Coast in the late 1970s? Nyet, tovaritch! It happened on the West Coast,  y e a r s  earlier. Seth Rogovoy asks Lev Liberman for the inside story (thus becoming the first klezmer chronicler to actually consult somebody who was there):

[Q:]  In the liner notes to First Recordings 1976-78, you write "My search for klezmer music began back in 1971 when I deduced that a single unknown genre had linked Russian and Rumanian folk music to Depression-era cartoon soundtracks, early jazz, and the compositions of Gershwin, Weill, and Prokofiev." Could you elaborate on the process of deduction that gave birth to this realization?

[A:]  Just a damn good ear. I trust my ear — it's my second-favorite organ.

So how did you get from there to klezmer music? >>