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The Klezmorim probably had more to do with the recovery and revival of klezmer than just about anyone else... the band also featured amazing showmanship. And, as this compilation demonstrates, much better musicianship than any of us remember. It was The Klezmorim who took klezmer to the streets and made it hip again... Thank whatever spirits, gods, or good fortune existed to give us The Klezmorim at a time when people were ready to start to listen... This stuff rocks... a damn lot of bands out there today would love to sound this good.
            — Ari Davidow,

The first and most popular of the revival groups to tour and record... this is the music that rekindled the first wave of interest in klezmer. And not surprisingly, the recordings are lively and fun.
            — Seth Rogovoy, The Essential Klezmer

This West Coast klezmer revival band was way ahead of the envelope in terms of the resurgence of interest in performing and creating new interpretations of this music that would develop in New York City in the mid-'90s. For once, West Coast musicians can preen about being ahead of their competitors on the other side of the country. And a listener checking out the crisp ensemble playing, dynamic attack, and perfectly acceptable chops of this group might wonder just what, if anything, all that activity decades later would actually add to the story. The full size of this group is definitely part of its impact, as there are sometimes four horns in the lineup, matched by nearly as many violins.
            — Eugene Chadbourne, All Music Guide

First Recordings contains highlights from The Klezmorim's original two albums, including gems from their short-lived opening era as a string-based ensemble... exotic... lovely... sprightly... charming.
            — musicHound WORLD

The best of the new Klezmer bands... admirable.
            —Cliff Martin, All Music Guide

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