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Hollywood Reporter:  « Exceptionally enjoyable... poignantly amusing... The band members, who in addition to their musicianship are a marvelously visual group, attack with relish an assortment of instruments... on which the group plays quite adeptly. »

San Francisco Sunday Examiner & Chronicle:  « The tweedling, hootling, clanking and oom-pha parts might seem individually to resemble a calliope having a nervous breakdown, but at the hands, thumbs and windpipes of a local group of musicians known as The Klezmorim, the whole becomes a fascinating form of music. »

Berkeley Barb:  « Talented musicians with a raucous repertoire... tumultuous... upbeat... wonderful... a trove of people's music. »

KPFA Folio:  « Fusion music from the Age of Steam... a wild blend of good-time dance rhythms, social satire, ancient folklore... They play a sort of East European Dixieland, improvising like mad in communal anarchy. Old men from New York? Nope. Young punks from Berkeley. »     1979 press >>

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