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Robert Palmer, New York Times:  « High-spirited rhythms... delightful... melodious and energetic enough to appeal to just about anyone. »

Associated Press:  « Puffing, pounding, and plunking... The Klezmorim, bright and brassy, swing into a dizzying, joyous patchwork of dance music... »

BAM:  « Great musicianship... good-humored, raucous... they project a refreshing warmth and lack of pretense in live performance. Imagine the group on stage. Saxophonist Liberman, in Victorian military band garb, brandishes a rubber chicken to remind them of their Ukrainian heritage... Lead instrumentalist Gray, in suspenders and a wide tie, wails on an antique clarinet. Lean, wiry Raskin assaults an array of drums, cymbals, and noisemakers, while trumpeter Wishnefsky, wearing a snap-brim hat and sporting a moustache, looks like a character actor from a '30s B-movie. Trombonist Kevin Linscott, resplendent with a Smith Brothers beard, and Stu Brotman, intently flailing away at his tsimbalom, inject surprising riffs into their rhythmic lines. The pace is upbeat and the musicians are obviously having a great time; one can't help but get up and dance. »

Mario Cassetta, KPFK-FM, North Hollywood, California:  « One of the really great phenomena of our time. »

Bay Arts Review:  « The danciest old-timey band around... In Klezmorim's hands, [this music] has infected audiences from solid country to so-called chic — the 19th century apparently knew a thing or two about dancing. »

Chicago Magazine:  « Such zest that you've got to dance; they were a big hit. »

New West:  « The Yiddish are coming! Klezmer music, once known throughout Eastern Europe as a uniquely Jewish blend of jazz, military, circus band, and gypsy music, has been all but stamped out... Enter The Klezmorim, a bunch of kids from Berkeley bent on reviving it with style. »

Hollywood Reporter:  « Lively music! »

The Province, British Columbia, Canada:  « Klezmorim was terrific... joyful, vivacious... »     1980 press >>

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