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Studs Terkel, WFMT, Chicago:  « Marvelous, remarkable, exciting, exhilarating, fantastic... Audiences love The Klezmorim and their work. There's a joyousness to it. It's contagious and it's universal, rich and vital. »

San Francisco Examiner:  « This is an impressive bunch... They create excitement. Hearing them, you want to stamp your feet and shake your fists for joy. »

Camden Courier-Post, New Jersey:  « Rowdy spirit... the wild clarinet licks, the booming oom-pah tuba, the lecherous trombone... Hold onto your shoes — it's The Klezmorim! »

Oakland Tribune, California:  « The crazy sextet... plays long-forgotten acoustic ensemble improvisations in wild abandon... some of the most fun dance music around. »

The Herald, Hyde Park, Illinois:  « The audiences were enthralled... swaying to the sax's Oriental airs like snakes hypnotized by a fakir's horn. »

Toronto Globe & Mail, Ontario, Canada:  « Accessible, good-time, danceable music that comes from the heart... their sound is tight and hot... standing room only... [they get] the audience eating out of their hands... intoxicating. »

Chicago Sun-Times, Illinois:  « The music is grabby, ear-catching... its pull is as strong as the moon on the tides. »

San Jose Mercury, California:  « Terrific stuff, sort of Spike Jones meets Betty Boop meets Louis Armstrong's Hot Five... One couldn't ask for more. »

Sing Out!:  « For all intents and purposes this [klezmer] revival began with the Klez... They've pretty much taken the country by storm, playing at colleges, clubs, and major folk festivals, attracting much attention in the press. »     1981 press >>

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