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The Herald, Hyde Park, Illinois:  « Riotous, jubilant sounds... As in a great jazz ensemble, the improvisation flows while the whole hangs together... exuberant, soulful, rowdy, romantic. »

Campus Times, University of Rochester, New York:  « Enthralled the capacity crowd... The Klezmorim combine the Yiddish music of old with a refreshingly modern sensibility... splendidly entertaining. »

Toronto Globe & Mail, Ontario, Canada:  « With the aid of the Magic Chicken — I'm not making this up — and other non-sequential narrative devices, [we are] transported to... the Klezmer Zone... a Russian court of 1895, a hotbed of ragtime iniquity in Chicago... the hashish-dens of Constantinople, and finally — in a master stroke of theatrical brilliance — to the dawn of civilization... [The Klezmorim] work their magic just with words, music and panache... authority and elan. »     1982 press >>

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