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Terry Zwigoff

Guest Player:  1977 [live performance & broadcast]

Instrument:  Cello

Other Gigs:  Cheap Suit Serenaders; directed documentary Crumb, feature films Ghost World and Bad Santa.

Profile:  The Cheap Suit Serenaders' eccentric aesthetic jibed with The Klezmorim's retro jones; in 1977/8 the thrift-store troubadors often shared venues and audiences with the Euro-roots jammers. At a Freight & Salvage show broadcast live over KPFA-FM, Terry Zwigoff and two fellow Suits — Robert Crumb and Rick Elmore — sat in with us. I loved Zwigoff's sly, scooping, trombonelike attack on cello — a sound I've never heard duplicated by anyone else. His biting, cynical wit is legendary; if the Great Depression could talk, it would sound like Terry. I've always suspected that Zwigoff was one of the inspirations for Crumb's irascible guru Mr. Natural...